How its Made

Benefits of Local Honey

Our local honey was produced right here in Brazoria County, Texas. It is completely raw and unfiltered. Adding a dose of local honey to your diet everyday has numerous benefits, including relief of pollen related allergies, helps digestion, strengthens the immune system, relieves sore throats, and the list goes on. Replacing sugar with honey can also help prevent packing on extra pounds and can also lower blood sugar. It is also a natural energy source, making it ideal for energetic morning starts as well as an excellent exercise energy source.

The difference between raw honey and commercial honey

Raw honey in its crude form is immediately taken out of the cells of honey combs. It commonly contains pollen and propolis, which have numerous health benefits. This honey is completely unfiltered and has not been heated above 95 degrees F. It is not pasteurized and is free from any additives. Commercial honey is heavily processed, contains additives and in most cases it has been chemically refined. It has been excessively heated killing all natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The filtering process eliminates beneficial nutrients including pollen and propolis.

What to look for when shopping for honey

Pure, raw and unfiltered honey will granulated. This is how you can tell whether or not your honey has been processed or not. Granulation does not mean your honey is bad, it just tells you that your honey is unprocessed. You can easily reverse the granulation process by simply placing the container of honey in warm water. The key to this process is warm water, NOT hot water which as stated above can eliminate some of the benefits of your honey. So in short, do your research, get to know your local beekeeper and come try some of our Honey!